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What is this page about ?

This Page is about a very special fetish - a moped / motorbike exhaust (and exhaust pipe)  fetish. A lot of people have a fetish for mopeds. Some like the sound / looking of it and customize them in a variety of ways to make them look / sound the way they want, others like the feeling of driving such a vehicle or like the low cost of operation. But there is rarely anyone into the look and smell of moped exhaust fumes and revving mopeds. 

So I decided to start a page dedicated to people with the same feeling like me.

If you have a fetish for moped's, it's exhausts, like to rev it up or make it smoke a lot while someone has to smell your exhausts, I would really like to get EMAIL from you !

Some additional words about my fetish:
I am aware of being in danger by breathing moped exhaust fumes and I am not weary of my life in any way ! I don't want to kill myself. I just want to have fun and really know when it's enough.

I am just seeking this way for other people who share my special interests.

(So if the only reason for you to email me is to tell me what kind of stupid idiot I am and how unhealthy it is, please just let it be ... thanks.)



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