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Some words about me:

I am a boy from (Lower) Austria into revving mopeds/motorcycles and smelling their exhausts. I think everything started when I was about 4 years old. Most of the motorcycles and of course mopeds of this time where equipped with two stroke engines. I liked to watch boys and girls ride on their motorbikes/mopeds revving their engines at red lights and smell their exhaust fumes when I went by. I especially liked it if it was winter, because then people wore heavy boots and thick clothing against the cold. (Yes I have a boot/feet fetish too.) 

My special favorite bikes/mopeds are motocross bikes/mopeds. If a girl or a boy on such a bike revs it up or goes by and possibly I have to smell their exhausts it gave me an instant hard on.

Nowadays I have specialized a bit toward (motocross-) mopeds since most of today's motorcycles use 4 stroke engines and even some of them have catalytic converters, so they don't have much carbon hydrogen in the exhausts any more and so the very aromatic smell of an 2-stroke engine I like so much is missing.

I would really love to hear from any "mopedboy" (or "mopedgirl" !!) who is into the same thing like me or just into revving their moped. So just EMAIL me, if you are interested !